Behaviour: overview

This section of the website includes information on a number of behavioural factors known to influence health. These include alcohol, diet and nutrition, drugs, gamblingphysical activity, sexual healthtobacco use and violence.

It is important to remember that many of these factors are both interlinked and closely related to other health determinants, including many featured elsewhere on this website. People's behaviour, for example, can be constrained or strongly influenced by the circumstances in which they live (life circumstances). Also, individual behaviours can impact on other health-related factors, for example, the effect of alcohol on accidents and domestic abuse.

When considering and researching the health of populations, there is a tendency to focus on single diseases and single risk factors. More often than not, however, an individual has more than one risk factor present and there is an increasing awareness of the need to consider multiple risk factors. This includes not only behavioural risk factors, but also clinical risk factors